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Techno Tribal Jazz

by Dale Ziemianski

This is just some music I wrote on my computer.
No stolen licks or anything
I wrote every note and every beat.

Witchdoctors Daughter - a sexy tribal flute sound

BananaRoll - more flute, but really funky and happy, butt-shakin' music.

PhatBoy - a dance between a Jimi Hendrix style electric guitar and an alien-sounding synth.

The Piano - a really jazzy sounding piano that
sounds like a bad recording on purpose.
I wanted it to sound like the old vinyl records.

XFunk - This was inspired by the X-Files theme song.
Actually the entire song is written using a only few short licks that I wrote,
placed at various places to make it sound a little different throughout.

Witchdoctor - wicked crazy tribal flute, alien synth and spooky voices
Fast-paced - the theme inspired Witchdoctor's Daughter above

Walkabout - very aboriginal with didgeridoo and tribal flute

Summer - My Kenny G impersonation

NightSpirits - probably the weirdest song I've written.
You might need to listen 3 or 4 times to get the pattern.