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Inspired by a Mandelbulb 3D image I created. 
Read more about my thought process below...


This was the Mandelbulb 3D image that inspired "Storhm"
The formula for it is here.
Mandelbulb 3D is a free program that's really fun to work with.
You can learn more about it here
and download it here.
To use the formula, copy it, then while in the Mandelbulb 3D program, 
click on the "From Clipboard" button at the top/left of the program.

When I compose an illustration, instead of focusing on shapes and colors, I like to create 'questions'. Questions make you write your own story based on evidence presented in the scene... like, why are all these ships sailing together in such stormy seas?

Why are these ships so ragged and damaged? Are they small battle ships? Did this group of people create them to pirate other ships like wolves hunting prey? Or was this civilization under duress, maybe from being overtaken by some evil empire?


To design the ships I pulled a little from the outrigger canoes of the Polynesians, the old galleons, and added a bit of the Star Trek starship design to bring the design into the stars. I like to add a little familiarity to create subconscious thoughts around the scene.

That given, the design was to invoke a feeling they were created for speed (the wide sails) and maneuverability. That begs the question as to their purpose. Interestinger and interestinger....


Another question: Why is the brutish character seeming to holler at or be impatient with the more priviledged character. Is he unsure of her ability to lead them on such a perilous journey? Does he maybe not trust her? 

I think it's much more interesting for people to make up their own stories, rather than be stuck with mine.

Clues: I wanted the male character to appear more primitive, so I used skins from sea life to give the impression he relied on sea creatures for his attire, but he was still sophisticated/civilized enough to show a sense of design in his attire. That combined with the ship designs give a sense of their technological level similar to that of our 12-13th  century.

Of course, being somewhat brutish, he could be a pirate, and could have stolen the fancy vest from his more priviledged shipmate's.

The fact they seem to have evolved more amphibious suggests the world was more ocean than land. His thin skin and gills on his neck gives the impression he lives underwater, but since they're small gills and he breathes air, it shows that at some point their species evolved to spend some time on land.


Another clue: I adorned the female character with finer jewelry to show she was of a higher 'class' citizen of the planet. Larger eyes sometimes insinuate higher intelligence also. Her skin is less translucent, as if maybe she spends more time on land. The forged metal of her costume  is more easily managed on land.

Another question: Why would this seemingly more priveledged character be leading a band of ragtag ships through perilous waters? Is the end game riches? Or is she on a more important mission like saving the world? She seems unhindered by the anger coming from the brutish fellow, as if she's fully confident in the ability of the device floating over her hand, and in her ability to take care of herself should the association turn south.

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