Web Maker


..... and Why I'm a Better Choice

Reason 1 --- Tailored to your Needs

My main style is realism.
But because I work digitally, I can make my realistic illustrations look painted, even sketched,
so it fits the feel of the format in which it'll be used.

Reason 2 --- No Hassle Adjustments

Because my years of experience in this field has made me aware that my client has specific needs, and that those needs are not always able to be clearly presented, I've developed a workflow that allows me to change any aspect of my illustrations much more quickly than traditional illustrators, by working in sections and layers, and updating my client often, so fine-tuning can be made on the fly, and the image can be as close as possible to what my client initially visualized.

Reason#3 --- Experience

I've been commissioned to create....

beer labels

children's books

CD covers

book covers


website illustrations


monument sign mockups

wallpaper murals

clothing color-option mockups


vehicle wraps


business cards


invention animations

3D printed miniature characters

RPG Fantasy characters

Fantasy Portraits

product renders

product concepts

video game characters and textures

character concepts

alien concepts

greeting cards

photo restoration

.... and probably a few things I haven't thought of.

Reason 4 --- Commitment

I'm not a kid
...not just starting out
I don't do this part time, or as a hobby.
I take my work seriously. 
I'm more interested in turning out a good product than a quick buck.
I've been in the Sci-F-/Fantasy business for three decades 
and I keep up to date with the latest technology.

Most folks hire me because they want to use the art to make money - to make their living.
I believe the more money you make, the more I make, and that your business is, in part, my business.
That's why I'm committed to giving you the best images you can get.