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Latest Illustration - "Planetlifter"

I use a variety of 3D modeling programs combined with image editing and painting programs to achieve the final images I create.

Each 3D modeling program has its special qualities that allow me to most efficiently sculpt or model the various elements that go into my images.

Once I've modelled, posed and rendered the individual elements of a painting, I bring them all together in some image editing programs, color balance them so they look like they belong in the scene, paint in what wasn't created in the original renderings and sometimes even incorporate a little photomanipulation for added realism where it best fits.

How My Workflow Benefits My Clients

This workflow enables me to bypass the sketch phase of commissioned illustrations and go straight into character and asset development, giving you a clear image of what your illustration will look like from the very beginning of the creative process.

Once all the elements are agreed upon, we simply place them where they'll look best, tweaking the final characters as we go.

You'll never have to "guess" or "imagine" what your illustration is going to look like when it's done.