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Digital Fantasy Portraits

Printable - Poster Size - from your photos

Below are samples of actual Digital Fantasy Portraits that have been commissioned by folks who like my work. 
When I do a Digital Fantasy Portrait - I transfer all rights to my clients.

Please be respectful of their copyrights!

Here are some other ideas.

Picture yourself in one of these....

FAQ Buttons below:

A head shot - or bust - no background $50
Waist up - no background - $75
Full Body - no background - $100
Full background - which could also include another character - add $150 to the above
Each additional character - add $150
Painted styles cost the same as clean digital styles

A wizard, a mermaid, your favorite gaming character, surperhero, or villain... Anything you can imagine
Any genre -- Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Minstream, Pop, Sports, anything!
And I can put you in any scene you choose.

Email me Here.
Gather some photos of you or whomever you want in your image.
Email them to me, or send links to them, and a desctiption of what you want.
Send reference photos, or links from Google Search Results, of the kind of stuff you want in the scene.
I'll email you back with a price and we can go from there.

I've had several reasons given to me.
--- They make awesome unexpected unique gifts that show you put thought into who they are, and what they mean to you.
Some folks print out the poster and wrap it, then print out the card, so when they open the card and see themselves, you get to record their expressions as it changes several times. It's pretty entertaining to watch.
--- Some say they look at their Fantasy Portrait of themselves and see how they want to be in their fantasy.
It gives them strength and confidence.
--- Some use them for promotional puerposes -- for their Youtube Channel, Podcast or Blog, or a CD they released

Using your photo(s) I can compose a full color fantasy or sci-fi illustration around you
(or the subject in the photo you provide).
These can be printed as posters and/or greeting cards through online sites like
All I need from you is a description of the scene you'd like and photos of your subject.
Prices normally hover around $250 for a full color image.
If it's just the figure you want without background, that's normally around $100.

Inquire here

Full Poster Size Images You can Print

The perfect unexpected gift

© Copyright 2020 Dale Ziemianski - All Rights Reserved

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