Welcome to my Digital Fantasy Portraits Page

I've been doing Digital Fantasy Portraits for years now and they're the most enjoyable part of my job.

I take an emailed photo of my client, manually smooth out all the JPG distortion with smudge brush, then compose a full color fantasy illustration around that photo, using the lighting in the photo as a guide to light the scene so the photo looks like it's already part of the background.

Once the scene is composed, I color enhance the face and color balance it, so it fits seamlessly into the scene, matching the skin of the body I painted (or 3D modelled).

This particular piece was not commissioned. It was one I was inspired to create when I looked at the photo. The glasses were made in 3D but the light shining through the glasses I digitally painted, along with the hair, the body and the clothes.

This is what I've shown as a typical sample of what I can do with a single, emailed photo and I've used it to advertise this service for a long time.The list to your left has actual Digital Fantasy Portraits that were commissioned and whose models gave permission for me to use on my website.

Some folks are a bit more private about their commissions, so naturally I won't post them here.

They make awesome gifts. People turn them into prints, greeting cards, and desktop wallpaper. Commercially they can be used on book covers, CDs and posters promoting movies or bands.

Email me if you'd like one of your own.