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Digital Fantasy Portraits

by Dale Ziemianski

Digital Fantasy Portraits start out with just a simple photo of the person you want as your subject - your partner, child, parent, friend, business associate, whomever.  Using the lighting direction in the photo, and the angle the person is facing, I import the photo into an image editing program then compose a full color Fantasy scene around it.

All you need to provide is a photo - and all I use from the photo is the person's face.

I can change the hair style and the pose of the body as long as the head is facing the same direction as it is in the photo.

The final image is poster size, and is provided as a digital download.

It can be then emailed, added to websites and social media, printed as greeting cards, wall art, even full size banners

or wallpaper via the various wallpaper printing sites online.

They're the most personal gift you can give.