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The Worlds of Dale Ziemianski

Digital Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Art

Latest Illustration

Latest Work

See a breakdown of my latest piece - and a link to work in progress :)

Sci-Fi Fantasy Art

Utilizing many programs each with its own special attributes, I seamlessly blend elements in an efficient workflow to keep your cost down while still providing you with professional quality illustrations.

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3D Modeling

3D printable
gaming images
character concepting
invention prototyping 

sample fantasy portrait

Fantasy Portraits

Using photos you provide I can compose a fantasy illustration with your favorite person as the main character.
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also -------- Merch!!!

Available at my store, along with phone cases, otterboxes, guitar picks, tank tops, mugs, bags, bandanas, pillows. clocks. waterbottles, leggings, laptop sleeves, all kinds of stuff bearing activist images, nature  (cuz I lover permaculture) and my sci-fi, fantasy art - some from the last century, when I painted using tempera paint and color pencil!

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